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“Australia and the Future of Vertical Urbanism”
in Sydney, March 7, or Melbourne, March 9

To help launch the CTBUH 2017 Sydney Conference, Connecting the City: People, Density & Infrastructure, which will be held from 20 October to 3 November, CTBUH Australia Chapters in Sydney and Melbourne will hold events exploring the present and future of vertical urbanism in the country.

In the realm of urban development, it is often assumed that density is inherently more sustainable than dispersed suburban patterns, but there is a significant gap in current research that substantiates this assumption. CTBUH Executive Director Dr. Antony Wood will present the results of a two-year CTBUH research study focused on quantitatively investigating and comparing the environmental and social sustainability of people’s lifestyles in both downtown high-rise and suburban low-rise residential case studies in Chicago, USA.

In addition, against a backdrop of the large-scale homogenization of cities architecturally around the world, Dr. Wood will outline ten design principles focused on the principle of “Sustainable Vertical Urbanism” which, if adopted in skyscraper design, could result in tall buildings which are more appropriate to the place in which they are located – physically, environmentally, culturally, socially and economically. Australia’s standing against these various topics will also be discussed.

Lectures will take place in Sydney on March 7 at UNSW Kensington and in Melbourne on March 9 at the University of Melbourne.

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