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March 2009

The Economics of Sustainable Tall Buildings
Alastair Collins & Steve Watts

Fire Protection Strategies
Fang Li, James Antell & Martin Reiss

The WyeEcoHab, Simon Fiedler
Simon Fiedler, Ingemar Hunold and Daniel Preusse, TUM/IIT
Wood presents to Chicago Committee on High Rise Buildings
Petterino's, Chicago, 12 March 2009
The two most significant challenges facing the world today are those presented by the economic crisis and the effects of climate change. After a 15-year construction boom across virtually the entire globe that has seen tall buildings built in unprecedented numbers...more
2009 Khan Lecture Series at Lehigh University
Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA, 20th March, 2009
The Khan Lecture Series honors Dr. Fazlur Rahman Khan’s legacy of excellence in structural engineering and architecture.
2nd Lecture: WILLIAM F. BAKER “Engineering the World’s Tallest: Burj Dubai” - Friday, March 20, 2009 – 4:10 pm…more
3rd Lecture: BRUCE R. ELLINGWOOD “Abnormal Loads & Progressive Collapse – Assessment & Mitigation of Risk” - Friday, April 17, 2009 – 4:10 pm…more
JFPS: Building Tall, Safe, Green and Human-oriented High-rises!
Shanghai, China, 26 - 27 March, 2009
Selected topics of this conference are to fully understand China’s updated policy on ultra high-rise buildings’ structure and safety issues, to recognize the environment challenges and social problems, to discover how tall buildings can be used to drive sustainable regeneration...more
MEED: Building Tall 2009
Downtown Burj Dubai, UAE, 26 - 28 April, 2009
Despite the challenging economic climate, the world’s tall tower projects are pressing forward. This tall building conference gathers the leading architects, structural engineers and experts in wind and seismic assessment to explore how to build the world’s tallest structures...more
SEI/ASCE Structures Congress
Austin, Texas, USA, 30 April - 2 May, 2009
This CTBUH organized session, part of the 2009 SEI / ASCE Structures Congress, focuses on the latest advances in the field of the seismic design of tall buildings, presenting and illustrating the design recommendations from the CTBUH Seismic Design Working group...more
BRE: Cities in the Sky - Challenging their Safety
Watford, England, 20 - 21 May, 2009
Around the globe high-rise buildings are appearing like never before, there are, however, concerns on their safety and security, types of materials used, evacuation, structural resistance to fire and extreme events. This event will discuss how sustainable and secure tall buildings are...more
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World's Skylines Heading Up
Executive Director Antony Wood interviewed
BBC Radio World Service, Feb 18th 09

Building Toward the Clouds
Trustee William Baker quoted on next generation of skyscrapers
Science Illustrated, Mar/Apr 09

2008 Record Year for Skyscraper Construction
Research by CTBUH
Building Design + Construction, Feb 09

RoMF collaborates with CTBUH & IIT
On the redevelopment of Mumbai's 'C' Ward
Times of India, Feb 3rd 09

Radio News Update
CTBUH Tallest 10 in 2008 and Tallest 20 in 2020 research
Commercial Property News, Feb 6th 09
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Tekla Corporation

Ramboll Whitbybird
‘The Observation Deck’ Premieres The Remaking of Mumbai, Tour
The first installment of the CTBUH Radio Journal / Podcast is now available for download. Coverage of the CTBUH 2008 Tall Building Awards begins with featured guests Eugene Kohn and Bill Pedersen, who talk about the Shanghai World Financial Center...more
Ten advanced architectural students from the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) and Prof. Antony Wood set out from the white winter background of Chicago, ready to engage in the very real complex urban issues of the C-ward district of Mumbai...more
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Huaxi city centre by MAD and others
Architects MAD have revealed a master plan created when they invited 11 young architecture practices - including BIG, JDS, Mass Studies, Serie and Sou Fujimoto Architects - to design conceptual projects for Huaxi city centre in Guiyang, China. Each provided an independent design for part of the master
Sustainability rewarded
The Westraven Office Complex in Utrecht, the Netherlands, has been enthusiastically acclaimed at the festival Dutch Construction. The project architect, Cepezed's Ronald Schleurholts, and the commissioning Government Buildings Agency were awarded the Dutch Construction Award 2009 for the project's excellence in different
China's CCTV network gets little sympathy after hotel fire
Public anger had been simmering over the TV network's spending and government-slanted news coverage. The fire at the Mandarin Oriental site in Beijing offers an outlet for the rage. Even before it was revealed that an unauthorized fireworks display organized by CCTV caused the fire that destroyed one of Beijing's new
The Mode-Gakuen Spiral Towers: a New Twist on School Design
Scholastic architecture doesn’t get much better than these stunning Mode-Gakuen Spiral Towers in Nagoya, Japan. The shimmering towers corkscrew 36 stories (170 m) above the busy streets of Nagoya, Japan, and house educational facilities for three different disciplines in three tapered ‘wings’ - fashion design, computer programming and a medical
Bahrain World Trade Center turbines officially certified by Bahrain's Electricity Distribution Directorate
The Bahrain World Trade Center (BWTC) has announced the official certification of the building's wind turbines by Bahrain's Electricity Distribution Directorate (EDD). The turbines were inaugurated in April of 2008, since then they have been undergoing daily safety and regulatory testing, and were commissioned to mark Bahrain's National Day in December
Adaptation or ‘disaster’?
What if they had shortened the Empire State Building by a couple of football fields? Size certainly isn’t everything when it comes to buildings. But the impact of iconic structures is in their sheer stature. That is why it’s so startling that the Harmon hotel, CityCenter’s gateway to the Las Vegas Strip, has suddenly been cut down to about half its intended
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Chairman's Message
It is the time for change within the Council. On January 21st the new Board of Trustees of the Council had its inaugural meeting in Crown Hall, at IIT. There was much to discuss, from roles and responsibilities to new staff ...more
12 months on, Review of Dubai Congress
The website now contains a full review, all photos, papers, videos, etc. The highlights video profiles the Congress’ best moments. A 40 page review publication is now also available, including a highlights video and all papers ...more
7th Annual Awards Dinner Video now On-Line
Held Nov. 2008 in Chicago, Part I shows the Lifetime Achievement Awards to Cesar Pelli and William Baker, Part II shows the Best Tall Building Awards for Americas, Asia / Australasia, Europe & Middle East / Africa...more
New CTBUH Chair now sought
Current CTBUH Chair David Scott's tenure ends during 2009. A new Chair Search is currently underway, in preparation for handover of this important position in October 2009. The deadline for nominations is 31st March 2009. Click here for more details
David Scott bestowed AIA honorary membership
CTBUH Chairman, David Scott, is one of eleven made honorary AIA Members. Although not architects by profession, these people have offered distinguished service to the profession of architecture or the allied arts and sciences...more
Tall Structures and Energy Systems
Professor Peter Land, RIBA, leads two research-based project development groups at the Illinois Institute of Technology, one concentrating on tall structures and the other on wide span. Click here to see some of the resulting design work.
Biggest Little Cities: Models for Urban Planning (New York)...more
A Living Green House Lost in Paris...more
Qatar all set to adopt green building norms...more
Tenant sought to lease space in would-be tower (Tuscon)...more
China building solar plant for 30K homes (Beijing)...more
The sky isn't falling (Toronto)...more
Long Island architects branch out with UAE concept (Dana Island Ras Al Khaimah, Dubai, UAE)...more
The latest new wrinkle in tall buildings: A skyscraper for seniors (Chicago)...more
Economy hasn't toppled building boom in Uptown (Dallas)...more
Evanston officials study high-rise plan...more
Several large city development projects on hold because of recession (Baltimore)...more
Boom Turns Into Implosion For Developers in Dubai...more
New Walkie Talkie designs 'more curvaceous' (London)...more
Reclaiming Oil Rigs as Oceanic Eco-Resorts (Gulf of Mexico)...more
High rise foundations (Germany)...more
The Goldberg Remedy (Chicago)...more
Hammerson Halt Bishops Place Construction Plans (London)...more
Carley juggles past-due loan, DeStefano suit (Chicago)...more
Coop scoop Shenzhen competition win (Shenzhen)...more
Meet the World's First Rotating Skyscraper (Dubai)...more
Sustainable High Density...more
Trump high-rise in New Orleans on hold...more
Commission Expands Downtown Area for High Rise Construction (Berkeley) ...more
Diamond in the Rough (London)...more
Spiraling Skyscraper Farms for a Future Manhattan...more
Deutsche's green HQ makeover to deliver bank savings (Frankfurt)...more
South America's tallest halted (Santiago)...more
High Rise Living (Bulgaria)...more
Give me green...more
Arcadia Centre Called In (Ealing, UK)...more
Winners of the eVolo 09 Skyscraper Competition (New York)...more
MAD Aim For Oslos New Tallest Title...more
Downtown Has A Green Skyscraper (Houston)...more
Glasgow goliath receives planning...more
The Most Innovative Companies in Architecture...more
Portman Breaks Ground on Shanghai Mixed-Use, Jian Ye Liz...more
Dancing lady kisses Mumbai sky...more
Gold Coast high rise heritage listed...more
Frank Gehry's software keeps buildings on budget (New York)...more
Mirax Group says will complete frozen Moscow skyscraper...more
LEED Registered Green REIT Development Postponed in Manhattan...more
Skyscraper Curse serves as intriguing economic indicator...more
Reject the Dubai Clichés...more
Two New York Skyscrapers Gain Landmark Status...more
Dublin planning system says no to skyscraper...more
Sunrise high-rise projects approved (Sunrise, Florida)...more
Architecture as the continuation of politics: White City, Dark City (Tel Aviv)...more
Skyscraper May Lose 400 Meters (Moscow)...more
Soaring skyscrapers in dark economic times...more
Mushroom Cities: Tropical Urban Rainforests (Kuala Lumpur)...more
Mayor Cory Booker to focus on Newark economic development, empowerment...more
Philly skyscraper project battles cloudy economy...more
Redesign is up in the air (Boston)...more
Is Lotte Skyscraper Tower of Babel? (Seoul)...more
China sprouts first ever super-tall district (Shanghai)...more
Renovating a Tall Building, in Leaps and Bounds (New York)...more
Managing planning of the high-rise buildings in Ho Chi Minh City...more
Developer pulls plug on 2nd midtown tower (New York)...more
Kohinoor Skyscraper Competition Unveils Two Green Towers (Mumbai)...more
Albanias Tidy Tid Tower (Tirana)...more
Bolles + Wilson ditched in Chelsea...more
Towering over the Philadelphia...more
Fosters’ green giant delayed by 4 years (Moscow)...more
Work Under Way on Songdo City in Korea (Incheon)...more
Audio slideshow: America's early skyscrapers...more
Hotels On The Rise (New York)...more
China gets Coop-ed up (Shenzen)...more
The Absolute Towers (Missisauga, Canada )...more
Broadway Malyan Plan New Liverpool Tower...more
Behnisch Wins UB Law School Commission...more
In Austin, a Cesar Pelli Project is Shelved...more
Tall trend set to shrink soon (Dubai)...more
TENAGA Delay Malay TNB Tower (Kuala Lumpur)...more
Completion of supertall Moscow skyscraper delayed until 2016...more
Burj Dubai Reaches Final Height...more
Neighborhood's projected future (Boston)...more
Not your standard fare (New York)...more
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